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Based on the concept of "maximum peace of mind for all customers," we have realized a "compact design" that improves workability and freedom of layout in the factory, and "precision and stable molding" that we have cultivated through many years of experience.

In addition, it combines "advanced intelligence" with a new controller that is extremely easy to use. It responds to the diverse needs of various molding sites and contributes to improved productivity.

Using the advanced technologies that have been fostered for many years and are unique to JSW, we have created machines that achieve high-precision injection molding.

< ADS mall and strong > Compact and maximum performance

  • The workability of inserts and setups has been greatly improved by lowering the table floor.
  • By expanding the outer diameter of the daylight and rotary table, it can be widely used for larger molds.
  • By reducing the machine height and installation area, the degree of freedom in layout within the factory is also increased.

< ADS table > Stable molding with extremely high accuracy

  • Various screw variations, pressure retention switching modes, and various measurement stability controls contribute to the improvement and stabilization of molded product quality.
  • In addition, we have newly developed a screw cylinder exclusively for PPS and PA resin, which is often used in vertical machines, and can be selected as an optional equipment.

< ADS atisfaction > An app that meets a variety of needs

  • Equipped with energy saving support, molding support, various memo functions, and 2-condition injection peculiar to rotary machines as standard equipment.
  • It meets the various needs of molding factories with various functions.

< ADS mart > Peace of mind with advanced intelligence

  • New controller with improved operability and functionality - [SYSCOM 5000i]
  • Maintenance and inspection function to prevent unexpected machine stoppage - [J-Support]
  • Molding support function that reduces the load on workers - [J-Assist]
  • IoT solution provided by our company - [J-WiSe┬«]

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Product Guidance

ADS Vertical-Vertical 2-Station Rotary Specification

AD Vertical-Vertical Specification

AD Vertical-Vertical Specification

Vertical Clamp-Horizontal Injection Specifications

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