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Electric Package Machine:
Thin-Wall Injection Molding Machine

Offering the highest levels of productivity and reliability, the J-ADS Package Machine is an all-electric injection molding machine that achieves high-speed, high-accuracy thin wall molding while at the same time delivering energy savings and high rigidity.

Features include 24:1 L/D with M7 mixing screw and extended daylight for stack tools with sliding shoes for third plate. Our newest injection molding machine also offers:

  1. Ultra Speed Injection:
    Injection speed of 19.69 in/s (500mm/s)
  2. Long Screw / Barrel:
    24:1 L/D provides plasticization and homogenius melt for fast cycles
  3. Measurable energy savings:
    Power is regenerated during deceleration of each servo motor
  4. High-speed mold open/close:
    Clamp open/close speed has increased by 20%
  5. High-speed plasticization:
    Faster RPM equals 20% improvement in PP plastization
  6. Slide unit for 3-plate Support:
    Stack molds have center plates supported with sliding shoes on linear guide rails.
    50% increase in mold weight maximum over standard

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